Monday, December 22, 2008


After an extraordinary trip through the Old Dominion (The Commonwealth of Virginia) last week, it was uplifting and encouraging to see that the Obama lawn signs were far more numerous than the McCain signs. Visiting the colony's two previous capitals, first Wiliamsburg and then Jamestowne, was an inspirational experience. I especially appreciate the men who came before us and laid the foundations for a new nation!
I have only been through Virginia as a child with my parents during the 1970s, and I haven't been back since, especially since The Commonwealth passed the most restrictive and heinous anti gay laws ever passed in the United States.
One of the two most powerful colonies before the Revolution, with Massachusetts being the other one, Virginia was a hotbed of rebellion. I often wonder how one of it's most favored Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, would respond to such restrictive laws on a human being's personal liberties being passed in the Commonwealth. I often read the anti gay naysayers responding that sodomites didn't exist in the Old Dominion! (Of course Virginia had inherited and institutionalized Great Britain's anti-sodomy laws, so clearly, our Founding Fathers were walking in the same social circles as the sodomites, otherwise there would not have been a so-called 'need' for these statutes. Which leads me to discussing Thomas Jefferson and his beautiful home Monticello, in Charlottesville. This house could only have been decorated by a 'queen'. I don't mean that Jefferson was a homo, but I do mean that he had a 'sodomitical' sensibility about him. Or shall I say a 'Frecnhified" taste in all things decorative, from books, to furniture, to fabrics!

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